There’s no way around this trend: Hacks are a must-have for every modern wakepark.

the hack?

By “hacks” we mean the creative arrangement of individual elements from different features to create a completely new design. For this purpose, the elements can be arranged both next to each other or in line. These dynamic conversions—best implemented regularly—bring fun and inspiration to every wakepark operation.


5 Reasons

to get creative

More diversity

Small changes with a big impact

It’s fascinating to see what a big effect a few small changes can have for a setup. All of a sudden, the park feels totally new. After all, that’s what it’s all about: Creating new lines with the setup you already have.

Get your money's worth

Improve the value of your existing setup

Get the best out of your setup! With the features already in your park, you’ve already got everything you need for successful hacks. All you need is a bit of courage and creativity—but trust us, the effort is worth it.

Easier than you think

Hacks aren't rocket science

Since every individual element of our features floats independently, you don’t have to be shy about taking them apart. Just give it a try—practice makes perfect.

One-of-a-kind Features

Rails unique to your park

Thinking about starting your own event? Hacks are perfect for this purpose. Seize the potential and the power that a new setup can bring to inspire local riders and bring visitors to your spot.


Fire up the community

Keep your locals guessing what's coming next

Hacks help to keep the local wakeboard community excited and inspired, and set your spot apart from the rest. Your creativity will help keep guests coming back instead of drifting away.

Modern Wakeboarding

An eye on the future of the sport

A future without hacks? Forget about it. Features are growing continually more modular, and setups more diverse. Don’t miss the boat on this development—with the right ideas, your hacks can drive the success of your operation.

hacks are for everyone

Hacks can be complex, but they don’t have to be. They can be geared to all different ability levels, bringing benefits to every guest at your wakepark.

we’re here to support

UNIT Parkcrew services include


Not sure what’s possible with your setup? Open to external input? Let our expert team help out with planning your hacks.


Need some hacking experience? Got big ambitions and need some help seeing them through? We’re glad to help you set and anchor your hacks—and teach you a few tricks while doing it.



Hacks are a great growth driver for your marketing. The authentic content of hacked setups fascinates the community and will put your park in the spotlight. We’ll support you with your project.

Intrigued? Get in touch with us, and together we’ll discover how your spot can benefit from hacks.

contact us

Inspire Yourself

Wakeparks are already being hacked all over the world. At @unithacks we collect the most creative feature combinations. Take a look and get inspired.

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