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Events will always have a special significance for us—after all, Wake The Line marked the birth of UNIT Parktech in 2008. We are firm believers in high-quality events and their lasting effect: Top events make wakeboarding bigger.

Wake The Line
gave birth
to our brand

Event we helped
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We love events. When they are implemented correctly with an eye for the details, they can captivate the entire community. We were able to play a significant role in the following contests.

Red Bull Wake Capital 2021

Wake Capital 2021 in Hamburg was the cause of worldwide euphoria. We were responsible for the complete setup planning. Two rafts with artificial pools formed the basis for a spectacular course with three different water levels.

Munich Mash

At the action sports festival in Munich’s Olympia Park, we supported the wakeboard event with setup planning and construction. Furthermore, we were responsible for the rundown as well as the riders’ management and judging of the top event.

Red Bull Wake The City

Wake The City got the metropolis of Milan fired up about wakeboarding in the summer of 2021. Here, too, we were involved at an early stage and responsible for the entire course planning, setup and onsite support.

Wake The Line

Our flagship event where we’re responsible for everything. Wake The Line 2016 was our biggest event yet. After a year of planning, 16 truckloads of features and a week-long set-up, 10,000 spectators flooded Cologne’s Stadionbad.

Langenfeld Open

At the Langenfeld Open we are responsible for the entire course planning. For this we can draw from the great variety of the setup. The special thing: The course reconstruction takes place at night, with three teams working in parallel.

Red Bull Rising High

At the Rising High 2013 in Hamburg, it was our development of the landing ramp that made the event possible. In addition, we played a formative role in the event with various other services.

Plastic Playgrounds

Plastic Playgrounds was organized in several editions by the Liquid Leisure Team. We supported in the run-up with the setup planning, the course reconstruction and on the event days with the judging.

now let’s get to work

UNIT Parkcrew services include


Effective events are often based on a special idea that gets the ball rolling. We are happy to help you develop this unique selling point and advise you on the next steps.


The development of the competition format, schedule and other aspects plays a major role in the success and acceptance of an action sports contest. Benefit from our years of experience and put this aspect in our hands.


We are happy to plan the heart of your event—the setup—in detail. Our experienced team will be guided by your visions and develop the best possible course for riders, media and other stakeholders.


The build-up and dismantling of the setup is a factor of successful events that shouldn’t be underestimated. We support you so that this task doesn’t become a stumbling block.


Our team can manage professional care for the athletes. In the lead-up, onsite and afterwards, your participants will be in the best hands.



Don’t have your own features or need more options? No problem. We’ll support your event with rental equipment in the form of the most modern features.

If our services have got you interested, simply get in touch. We always have an open ear for events.

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what our customers say

UNIT is a long-standing and above all reliable partner for us. Through their expertise and networking in the wakeboard scene and their annual innovations and new ideas for course and contest formats, Munich MASH has become not only a calendar highlight for the world’s best wakeboarders, but also for every wakeboard fan.


UNIT was our partner from the first practical considerations and later the implementation of the complex setup at Red Bull Wake Capital. They have proven to be absolutely professional and tireless. There is no way around UNIT in the wakeboard business.


We trust in our partnership with UNIT for the planning and implementation of the Langenfeld Open. We plan the park layout together in close collaboration, and know that we’re in good hands thanks to the use of visual renderings and the support during setup and teardown.


For the Wake The City setup it was clear that we only wanted to use UNIT features. They are fast to mount, absolutely reliable and thanks to the UNIT Hacks they give the riders endless option to creatively ride the course.

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