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Service is our key to make you a happy customer. We provide help from the very first contact and are there for you, whenever you need help with your park.


Why buy UNIT?

The right feature setup can really make your park stand out. Our range of products includes over 200 features and with our expertise and innovative designs we strive to achieve the best possible riding experience – for beginners and pros alike. Quality control and service are an essential part of our product, a reason why we have successfully established ourselves as world market leader. Our products have the highest durability and market value and our professional team will see you through the process of getting your new features.

How can I order?

Contact us with some details about your project, so we can help you choose the right features for your park. We will send you an individual quote that will also include shipping costs. Our payment terms differ from project to project.

What’s the delivery time?

Our delivery time usually depends on the size of the feature, our order situation and shipping. Production time generally takes between 4-6 weeks.

What are the prices?

Contact us with some details about your project and we will provide you with our current price list. The amount of shipping costs depends on your order size and location.

Can I get a discount?

Quality has it’s price – make sure to check unit-marketplace.com for used UNIT Parktech features. In any case, contact us with some details about your project, and we’ll go from there…

What are the terms of payment?

To begin with the production of your feature, we usually require an advance payment, but for every project we can arrange individual terms.


How does the delivery work?

The transport company will deliver your new feature to your wakepark, where you will need a forklift for unloading the parts. All the parts will have to be moved into the water for assembly.

How do I assemble and install my new features?

All our features are assembled in the water and come with an individual toolbox that will provide you with an assembly instruction and all the necessary tools and screws. If you need help with assembly and anchoring, let us know.

How does the anchoring work?

Anchors are not included in the purchasing price. If you need help with assembly and anchoring let us know.

After Sales

How do I improve my park layout?

You want to change the layout of your park for the new season?! Our UNIT Park Crew can help you come up with some ideas to improve your park layout and setup by changing the position of your features, building UNIT hacks or suggesting some add-on parts and features. Contact us for more info.

What is covered by the 5 year warranty?

Our worldwide 5 year warranty covers manufacturing failure or material failure. Should you have a quality issue with our products, please contact us with a detailed description, as well as some pictures.

Do the features need maintanance?

Due to our durable material, our features do not require regular maintenance, however there are a few things that will ensure a smooth riding experience and make your feature last longer.

  • No wax and no fins
  • clean bird excrement daily
  • ice and snow: the features can stay in the water during winter time, we recommend loosening the anchor lines to avoid strong pull on the anchor points if the water level rises

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Maybe you’ll find answers to your questions in our UNIT Resources Hub. If not, don’t hesitate to contact us any time.

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